In the early part of 2000 Bigfoot Investment Group, LLC was founded, bringing together decades of experience in retail chain operations, real estate site selection and development, financial management, and the specialty coffee industry.

They established a corporate structure that would best enable the company to leverage and optimize the combined skill sets of its partners in order to develop a breakthrough concept that would build the retail brand equity for BigFoot Java®.

In early 2002, less than two years after the group was formed, the first of the new-generation BigFoot Java® opened in Puyallup, Washington. It featured an upscale, neo-Northwest image, full-branding package and revised product menu, including several proprietary drinks such as the Legendary Latte® and Mythical Mocha®.

Described as “fun, catchy, yet sophisticated” by its customers, the location was an instant success and delivered on virtually everything that the partners had envisioned for the brand.

Mission Statement

BigFoot Java® strives to always have fun while providing a legendary coffee experience on each customer visit.

Core Values

The ownership, management and employees at BigFoot Java® are committed to the company’s core values, recognizing that they are fundamental not only to the company and its owners, but that they also provide a proven road map for success.

BigFoot Java® is:

  • Proud to honor the legend of Bigfoot by providing the best coffee products in the Northwest.
  • Committed to offering quality service on a legendary scale.

BigFoot Java® seeks to:

  • Create Premium Drinks
  • Provide Legendary Service
  • Always Be Kind To Others
  • Be Excellent In Everything We Do.
  • Support Our Communities

Bigfoot Investment Group, LLC is founded

Early 2000

BigFoot Java® opens its first specialty coffee drive-thru location

Early 2002

The BigFoot Java® brand as we know it is established

Early 2002

The Legendary Latte® and Mythical Mocha® are born

Early 2002

The BigFoot Java® Legendary Loyalty Card is created


BigFoot Java® has 32 locations in the Pacific Northwest


BigFoot Java® gets an awesome new website built by Bullseye Creative