Bigfoot Java makes an effort to source ingredients from around the Pacific Northwest—and not just because of our local roots. Buying locally helps create more sustainable food networks, enables consumption of fresh, organic food, reduces disparities between producers and consumers, and strengthens local economies. Sourcing local ingredients creates mutually beneficial relationships—between producers, distributors, and retailers. It’s how we show our local love!

Some of our local partners include:

Schwartz Brothers Bakery

Locally owned Schwartz Brothers Bakery provides all of our delicious pastries featured on our rotating seasonal menus. Since 1973 Schwartz Brothers Bakery has created premium, artisanal pastries and breads made as they always were with the highest quality ingredients using home-style recipes.


Ellenos Yogurt

The yogurt that makes ice cream jealous. Ellenos is more than just yogurt, it’s an experience. It’s a smooth and creamy treat that you can rely on as your pick-me-up. The bold, bright flavors will delight your senses. It’s better than ice cream, it’s more than just yogurt – Ellenos is joy on a spoon. Ellenos opened its first yogurt bar in Pike Place Market in 2013, and has been sharing their obsession ever since, one delicious cup at a time.


Since 1975, Medosweet has provided full service distribution of sustainable, locally sourced dairy products to hotels, bakeries, restaurants, and coffee bars. Medosweet supplies our locations with fresh dairy, which we blend and brew into delicious beverages for our customers throughout the Puget Sound.

Kerry Foods

Kerry Foods delights consumers across the globe with products people enjoy and feel better about. They provide us with the many ingredients and flavors you can find on our extensive menu, from syrups and toppings to creamers.