Kent company creating its niche with 24 hour espresso stops

By ELAINE PORTERFIELD SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER REPORTER KENT — It’s a big, mean and crowded world of espresso out there, but a small, ambitious coffee company hopes to chisel out a niche with caffeine fiends with drive-through shops open around the clock. The company is BigFoot Java®, and it’s putting final touches on the “BigFoot University” … Continued

BigFoot Java Applies McDonald’s Principles to Coffee Industry

By Steve Dunkelberger, Paul Schrag & Kamilla K. McClelland April 28, 2003 A paradigm shift in the coffee industry has been created by BigFoot Investment Group, comprised of Al Jiwani, CEO of Trimark Petroleum and David Morris, CEO of Dillanos Coffee Roasters. Trimark Petroleum is an experienced real estate and retail developer, while Dillanos’s expertise … Continued

Drive-Throughs: The Real Deal

For some, enjoying a frothy cup of cappuccino means cuddling up in a big chair and hanging out with a group of friends at the neighborhood coffeehouse. For others, it’s driving up to a window, handing over a few bucks, getting a Styrofoam cup and driving off. More and more coffee drinkers who may not … Continued

Competition Grows for Espresso To Go

By Jake Batsell Seattle Times business reporter December 12, 2002 The laid-back, relaxing ambience of the coffeehouse helped convert more than half of Americans into espresso drinkers during the 1990s. But what about the customer who doesn’t have time to linger? Cozy as they may be, sit-down espresso cafes often aren’t an option for the … Continued